Dr. Boris Mints

Businessman and philanthropist.

Boris Mints, Founder of the Boris Mints Institute

What connects a green wall, the #COP26 conference, and #Israeli innovation?

Read the latest Times of Israel blog from our Founder to find out!



"This is a core value of our Institute and of the #Jewish people: if the world is not as it should be, it is our #responsibility to face these #challenges head on"

Read more from our Founder on the #mission of our Institute to tackle global challengesđŸ‘‰ https://bit.ly/3CSTPoS

We are proud to announce that @JNkengasong, Director @AfricaCDC, has been named as #Laureate of the 2021 Boris Mints Institute Prize for Global Challenges.

The global academic award recognizes his vital contribution to Africa's response to #COVID19.


"It is my profound hope that many people who may never have stepped into a synagogue or community centre before the pandemic, may now come to realise the beauty and importance of being..."- #BorisMints , Chairman of the Council of Patrons of The CER


In his first @TimesofIsrael & @JewishNewsUK blog, our Founder Dr. Boris Mints pays tribute to the work of the Conference of @europeanrabbis led by @PinchasRabbi, and reflects on reasons for optimism about the future of community life across the #Diaspora


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