Dr. Boris Mints

Businessman and philanthropist.

Boris Mints, Founder of the Boris Mints Institute

We are proud to announce the launch of World Jewish Relief Inc., our sister entity in the United States. The launch is an exciting opportunity for World Jewish Relief to connect with the American community and to expand the scale of our work around the world, saving more lives.

Sir Nicholas Winton, born #onthisday in 1909, led a rescue operation to save Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Europe. The world didn't know about his remarkable deed until more than 50 years later.

Learn the facts about the #Holocaust at http://www.AboutHolocaust.org

Our Seventh Conference at #Telavivuniversity finished last week. Two days delving into #UkraineWar, #sustainability, and #watersecurity. 💡 It was truly insightful, thank you to all our organisers! 🙏


That’s it. BMI Seventh Conference is complete! A truly insightful two-day experience, seeking global solutions to world problems. Thank you!
#bmi7 #tau

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